Speed. Endurance. Performance.

We are proud to offer the latest Dynojet technology &

tuning options here at Richie’s Collision Center.

Our Eddy Current Load Control 2-wheel 224xLC Dynometer allows us to use advanced testing to help you better understand your vehicles’ performance. There are several options this dyno can perform to test your vehicle including: step, sweep, and customized user profiles in various gears and throttle positions.

Tuning options are also available to add to our Dyno testing, both in-house and remote. Call us today at 601-544-0610 to ask us about our Dynojet or to schedule your appointment. We cannot wait to help you maximize your vehicle’s performance!

Did you know we offer racing fuel?

Richie’s Collision Center proudly carries VP Race Fuel products:    X85  |   MS109   |   C-85   |   M-1

All fuel types are sold by 5 gallon drums.

Call for detailed pricing and current availability

*Richie’s Collision Center is not to be held liable for how this fuel affects your car or your car’s performance.*

“Dynojet’s Dynamometers are the industry standard for measuring your vehicle’s true power.” – Dynojet